Harmonica Huddle Interactive Workshop is a dynamic new way to focus on core corporate values and foster a strong sense of team bonding at the same time. The workshop is a ‘one of its kind’ experience that is designed to create an infectious ‘can-do’ spirit and reinforce core values… all, through Music!

During the workshop, participants learn to play a musical instrument called ‘harmonica’ (mouthorgan). They learn this new skill from scratch and apply it immediately to re-focus and experience positive values like never before. The journey itself is a practical lesson on re-skilling and achieving ones true potential in new areas.

Harmonica Huddle focuses on values that revolve around three critical and universal aspects of team dynamics. These are – Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The underlying philosophy of the Huddle is that ‘almost any challenge can be surmounted with open communication, immediate collaboration and a dash of creativity’.