VbMs are designed as per certain themes. Some of the popular themes are:

  • Being Self Starters
  • Dealing with Disruption
  • Working with Ambiguity
  • Moving From Output to Outcome
  • Together We are Better

Harmonica Huddle’s Values-based Modules (VbM) are ‘practical team exercises’ that focus on certain values. Typically, each such module focuses on 2 – 3 values and can take between 40 – 60 minutes to complete, depending on team size.

In a single Harmonica Huddle workshop it may be possible to accommodate up to 2 such modules, focusing on a wide set of values.

• Participants are taught the rudiments of playing the harmonica and then they learn a few simple songs are part of the familiarization process
• The VbMs are executed in the second half of the workshop – wherein the participants use their new-found skill to experience principles and values of successful team work.