So what does it feel like?

Here are the “Top 10” one-word descriptors that have been collated from participants over several workshops:

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Innovative
  • Effective
  • Meaningful
  • Liberating
  • Exciting
  • Memorable
  • Awesome
  • Different

A completely interactive session, Harmonica Huddle offers the participants layers of learnings. The lessons are implicit, simple and powerful. There is no ‘theory’ and complex jargon / concepts. This is precisely why it is effective!

The Huddle boosts executive well-being, self-esteem, team confidence, empathy levels and instils a positive ‘can-do’ spirit. During the workshop participants develop high levels of trust, empathy, appreciation and confidence in themselves and their team members.

Harmonica Huddle takes people out of their comfort zones and promotes a learning mind-set which is key to employee growth.